Despite being an essential component of a home, a roof is subject to age and damage from adverse weather elements. To maintain and enhance the value of your property, you need to watch your roof closely in preparation for any restoration.

In this guide, you get detailed information on the signs that your roof needs restoration.

Here are four signs that your roof needs restoration.

  • Damaged shingles

Shingles may be damaged from winds, storm, or poor installation. Curled shingles are loosely held on the roof; hence allowing water entry into the house. If you notice shingle damage, it is vital to repair it before the problem deteriorates. By taking immediate action in repairing shingles, you will save a lot on cost and time.

  • Damaged flashings

Flashings play a crucial role in protecting the joints in your roof. You will see flashings in areas such as chimneys and valleys. When flashings age, they warp and lift off the roof allowing water entry in your home. It is advisable to inspect flashings once every three months to repair damage and minimize losses.

  • Broken, buckled, or missing tiles

Tiles may get broken or miss, especially when there is heavy wind or rain. It is uncomfortable to live in a house with missing tiles, and therefore, you need to address them quickly.

If you experience a wave-like distortion stretching vertically up the roof slope, then it is likely that the tiles are buckled. Buckled tiles are signs of your home’s structural weakness, and it needs top-quality restoration.

  • Mold or moss

The presence of mold or moss on your roof signals that your roof has a moisture problem. Moss absorbs moisture from the wet environment on your roof, leading to roof deterioration. The moss’s roots may lift up shingles; hence creating a favorable environment for further growth of moss. It is essential to monitor for moss or mold growth and take action to avert damage to your roof.


Final Thoughts

A roof is a critical part of your house that is constantly exposed to various weather elements. If you want to maintain or enhance the value of your home, it is vital to pay close attention to your roof for signs of damage. Frequent monitoring of your roof will help you identify its need for repair. The top symptoms for roof restoration include growth of mold or moss, damaged tiles, curled shingles, and missing tiles. For all your renovation requirements, check out Northern Beaches Sydney Roof Restoration.