Garden decking is an essential aspect of your home, and it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your place. Decking your garden can provide you with a comfortable area where you can walk, sit, and relax.

Choosing the right decking for your garden can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. In this article, you will get the best tips that will help you select an appropriate decking. Let’s dive in and see!


  • Maintenance

It is crucial to buy a deck that requires low- maintenance to save on cost and time. A wooden floor requires more support than the one constructed by the concrete slab or composite materials. For instance, a deck made of timber needs to be cleaned regularly to remove moulds. Also, a concrete floor may need annual cleaning to eradicate plant growths. However, a composite deck requires minimal maintenance in terms of cleaning.

  • Appearance

Before choosing a decking material for your garden, think of how you want it to appear after a long period. A deck made of timber is likely to age and lose its unique wood grain pattern. However, concrete floors will retain their color for so long without getting affected by external forces.

  • Price

Ensure that the deck material you buy is within your budget. For instance, a pine deck is cheaper to purchase than a concrete one.

  • Consider anti-slip decking

In case you reside in wet or slippery areas, it is advisable to choose the decking materials that are ant-slippery. If you are planning to install a hot tub on your deck, you should buy anti-slip boards, particularly for the area surrounding the hot tub to avoid accidental falls.

  • Get decking kits

Decking kits can help you create a garden deck quickly. Buying ready-to-built decking kits can be convenient in your construction.

  • Decking ideas

It is vital to seek expert advice, especially when you are building the deck for the first time. Buying the right floor can boost the attractiveness of your home and make your stay comfortable.

  • Create a perfect finish on your decking material

Note that timbers are likely to weather and change appearance if left in an open environment for so long. Oiling wood is one way to create a perfect finish on the material and make it last longer.

  • Pressure-treated wood decking

Wooden decks are susceptible to attack from insects or moisture content. Pressure-treated wood is resistant to external interference and can last for more than 35 years if maintained well.

  • Rot-resistant

If you are thinking of establishing a wooden deck in your garden, consider cedar, cypress, or redwood because they usually resist rot.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Decking for Your Garden

Choosing the right decking for your garden can help you improve the comfort and appearance of your home. Before you purchase a deck, consider its price, maintenance cost, anti-slipping features, and expert advice. You can reach out to Bearsden Landscapers for some more some ideas on choosing the right decking.