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  • 7 ways to make your news site stand out

    engagingPeople love reading the news – good or bad. We usually start the day reading about the society we live in. Some prefer to have the printed version while others read online news either on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or other electronic devices. Unlike the printed version, online news sites have a lot to offer for the readers. It contains not only today’s news but also news published weeks or months ago. It’s important for a news site to also provide great content to draw more readers in.

    There are six tips to follow to make your own news site (just in case you want to build something like what we have here) stand out from the crowd. Whatever your goals are, follow these tips to maximize your website’s potential:

    Publish informative news about the society in general. Although there are readers who prefer bizarre news, most of the today’s readers would want to read something that concerns them, or something that they can relate to. Write more news about the society to get the reader’s interest and to attract more readers to your website.

    Don’t just publish news articles. Experiment with other medium. This is an important element for conversion optimization. Make sure they are engaging. You can have a video or a graphic on there, but it needs to draw the visitors in. Do not make it too difficult to navigate because this will confuse and frustrate people. If it is simple and your action goal is clear, your conversions will be higher. There are many companies that can help you produce engaging videos that will attract more readers. Graphic designers can also help you with images that will catch the attention of any reader.

    Make sure the website is professionally designed and easy to navigate. Your readers won’t be coming back if your site is confusing. Make sure the news articles are easy to find and readable. The font style should not look too fancy. Avoid having small font sizes as well.

    Choose a niche. If you’re concentrated on a particular niche, you would be able to master it. It won’t do you good to write about different news topics. Just write about what you’re good at or what you’re really knowledgeable about.

    Build a following by maximizing social media. Make sure every article can be shared, commented on, or emailed. This would encourage more unique visitors to the site. One important thing: make sure you also respond to your readers if they post a comment on a news article. Interaction is important in building relationships with your readers.

    Like a search engine, make sure your news site also has a search button. Provide tags on every article to make searches more efficient. A search button would also allow a user to look for a particular news article. That way she would not need to keep browsing through articles which is a hassle. Your news website should make searching efficient for the reader to save them more time.

    Provide a “subscribe to website” page. To keep your readers, ask them to subscribe to your news website for them to get fresh news delivered straight to their inboxes. The good thing about having this page is you are able to send special offers to your readers. If you want to monetize your news site, figure out a way to make a reader subscribe to your site.

    Last but not least, the tone or your articles should be conversational. Do your best to avoid trying to be too opinionated. It might annoy more readers (as many bloggers learned firsthand). Just try to be neutral. And one more important thing to remember: make sure the news are interesting enough to hook readers in.

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