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  • Get Better SEO Results with Keyword Research

    Get Better Results with Keyword Research

     keyword research

    Keyword research remains one of the most important aspects of SEO, especially for onsite optimization. There are plenty of write-ups on Web saying that keyword usage has dropped from the radar a long time ago, but this is simply not true. Google will always use keywords to identify potential pages to surface.

    But the keywords are just one part of the equation: the page itself where the content has been posted has to satisfy the requirements of the search engine before being included in the top 10 results for example  Carousel, and other new devices being used by Google to provide the fastest and most accurate results to users.

    Ultimately, Google’s aim is to become the most indispensible search engine on the planet (as if it already isn’t). Google’s AI has also been developing in the direction of seamless integration with voice assisted technologies, which means Google is now prioritizing content that can provide quick and accurate solutions to natural language queries coming from voice assisted devices like Alexa and of course, its own Google Assistant app, which provides natural language communication via tablets and mobile phones.


    Researching for ecommerce

     Image result for ecommerce

    If you have an ecommerce platform, it can  be daunting in the beginning to find the right keywords, mainly because you’re dealing with a lot of competition and the type of content that you have (product listings, descriptions, and the like) do not align with the type of content normally found in blogs and other reading-heavy platforms.

    There are two main ways to go about it: by fanning out on your own, with your goals in mind or two, you can take a look at your closest competition just to see how they have been developing their websites for ecommerce. There is absolutely not thing wrong with peeking at the competition, because the competition is probably also scoping you out.

    How do you approach keyword volume?

     keyword volume

    Search volume is simply the average number of searches for a particular longtail keyword per month. There are many tools that you can use online that will give you a bird’s eye view of how search terms are faring.

    When scoping out keyword volume, what you need to look at are exact matches that you think will benefit your current campaign. When there are exact matches with good search volume, expect that there will be plenty of competition.

    So set your expectations for ranking for specific keywords with the level of competitiveness in a given space. Essentially the goal is to become the domain authority for the topics and keywords twill benefit your business.

    A general rule of thumb is to never disregard keywords even if the search volume is below 500. If there are even 25 to 100 people using the keywords, use them. Ranking for highly competitive keywords is going to be challenging to say the least, so it makes plenty of sense to sweep the less competitive ones instead.


    How difficult is it to rank?

    keywords difficulty

    Unless there is a deluge of relevant traffic because all your content is going viral all the time, the effort to become the very top authority for a topic will take some time. Domain authority will determine a large part of how Google will be surfacing search results.

    Backlinks are a great measure of authoritativeness in a market, and automated tools can measure the backlink authority of your competition to reveal how they’ve risen to the top. The great think about backlink analysis is you can take a look at all the websites that are contributing to the authoritativeness of your competition and you can definitely try to get backlinks from these same platforms.

    The difficulty to become the domain authority in a specific niche or space increases as the general competitiveness for the keyword increases. General domain authority is computed by logarithmic scales, so that means search engines will be looking at data from a span of time instead of snapshots of what your website is right now.


    How does search relevance play into keyword research?

     keyword relevance

    In the beginning, it’s going to be tempting to go after every keyword that you can find that might potentially bring thousands of visitors to your website.

    However, search relevance is going to be a big issue down the road because if you target keywords that are not really associated with what your website is all about, users are going to bounce fast, and this will likely have a huge impact on your page ranking because dwell time is a big factor.

    Google likes it when people stay on a webpage they found after clicking any of the links on the search results. Extended dwell times say that users like what they see on your website, and they find the page or content useful.

    Which pages should be prioritized with SEO?

     webpage priority

    If you are running an ecommerce operation, you have to pay close attention to how your home page and individual product pages are optimized individually. Keyword research has to be spot on, and the product pages should not lag behind the homepage in terms of optimization.

    Elements like image titles, alt tags – these all contribute to page relevance for particular search terms. And let’s not forget: Google is also looking if you regularly update your blog posts, where you can add industry or market-specific news to show people that you are firmly connected with your market.

    News is news, and even if the views are low, the presence of this all-important content means your website is being updated frequently with relevant, fresh, and updated content, in addition to the updated product pages.

    How do you know if your strategy is working?

    traffic increase

    As with all things SEO, you need to go back to data and monitor the exact impact of what you’re doing by using software. Rank tracking features of online software can show you how your page and content are faring with regard to the competition. You can also head over to the Google Search Console and use the free service there to monitor your traffic and the state of your referrals.

    The Performance Report created by the Google Search Console is definitely a good reference to find out what keywords you are beginning to rank for and how your content fares against the others. Remember to manually add the different keywords that you want to study. You can also take a look at the keyword suggestions given by the Console.

    It would be best to check the Performance Report as regularly as you can so you can find out if your relevance is rising or dropping. If you begin seeing a drop in traffic or referrals, you can definitely act in time to make sure that your website will not suffer from any mistakes in the on-page optimization.

    After getting all the data about your website, it’s time to take a peek at your competition through the analytics tools that you are using for your own website. The idea here is you are going to try to attract some of their traffic using viable keywords just to find out if your website can be more competitive in the short term and long term.



  • Success of your online business depends on your SEO strategy

    When you are in business regardless of what industry you are in, it is important to be update with the news as well as how you can contribute to society. With this in mind, you will be able to adjust to the things that are currently trendy and provide people the things they are interested in. However, regardless of what the news and society suggests, there are certain things that need to be applied in order to become successful in online business.

    The success of an online business depends on the online marketing strategy it has. It should be effective Success of online businessenough not just in increasing your site traffic but also in converting those traffic into sales. Keep in mind that in some cases, gaining site visitors is not enough if you are looking to make your online business a hit to the online news and society.

    The best thing you can do in order to be successful in your online venture is to hire a reputable SEO Company to do the job for you. Online businesses need to gain traffic first by increasing their online visibility. Therefore, highly effective SEO strategies must be implemented and this is the first thing you should look for when choosing the right SEO Company to hire. Their ability to rank your site on a certain targeted keyword must also be considered. The most important keywords are those that will help you gain the attention of the people online who are interested with your business. Through this, the online visibility of your site towards the people who are actually looking for the products you offer can increase and your brand can become a hit to society and to the online news as well.

    The company of your choice must be able to improve the functionality of your site on each aspect which in turn leads to user registrations, subscriptions, email sign ups, sales or whatever it is that your site is made for. The site must be able to accommodate the visitors it can gain so your reputation on the online reviews, news and society will not be in jeopardy.

    Effective SEO StrategyGaining a targeted traffic is vital and it can be done by applying highly efficient SEO strategies that will help you gain site visitors that are actually interested about your site and the things it offer. Remember that a traffic that is not targeted will not help you achieve your end goal.

    Right SEO Company will develop your site and each of its important sections. They can improve your navigation in order for your site to become more user-friendly. This is crucial since you can easily get the clicks you want if the visitors are able to find them without much hassle. They can also create a more organized version of your site which will look more professional and trustworthy in the eyes of your potential clients.

    It is a requirement to improve your pages so they can be more engaging to the people who will visit it. You pages should have good contents and graphics which will stir up the interest of the potential clients. This element is what helps in grasping those traffic and guiding them towards the end goal and this directly affects not just the popularity and reputation of your online business but also its success.

    This is how an online business can become a buzz to the online news, stir up the interest of the society and have the leading edge on the industry it is in.

  • 7 ways to make your news site stand out

    engagingPeople love reading the news – good or bad. We usually start the day reading about the society we live in. Some prefer to have the printed version while others read online news either on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or other electronic devices. Unlike the printed version, online news sites have a lot to offer for the readers. It contains not only today’s news but also news published weeks or months ago. It’s important for a news site to also provide great content to draw more readers in.

    There are six tips to follow to make your own news site (just in case you want to build something like what we have here) stand out from the crowd. Whatever your goals are, follow these tips to maximize your website’s potential:

    Publish informative news about the society in general. Although there are readers who prefer bizarre news, most of the today’s readers would want to read something that concerns them, or something that they can relate to. Write more news about the society to get the reader’s interest and to attract more readers to your website.

    Don’t just publish news articles. Experiment with other medium. This is an important element for conversion optimization. Make sure they are engaging. You can have a video or a graphic on there, but it needs to draw the visitors in. Do not make it too difficult to navigate because this will confuse and frustrate people. If it is simple and your action goal is clear, your conversions will be higher. There are many companies that can help you produce engaging videos that will attract more readers. Graphic designers can also help you with images that will catch the attention of any reader.

    Make sure the website is professionally designed and easy to navigate. Your readers won’t be coming back if your site is confusing. Make sure the news articles are easy to find and readable. The font style should not look too fancy. Avoid having small font sizes as well.

    Choose a niche. If you’re concentrated on a particular niche, you would be able to master it. It won’t do you good to write about different news topics. Just write about what you’re good at or what you’re really knowledgeable about.

    Build a following by maximizing social media. Make sure every article can be shared, commented on, or emailed. This would encourage more unique visitors to the site. One important thing: make sure you also respond to your readers if they post a comment on a news article. Interaction is important in building relationships with your readers.

    Like a search engine, make sure your news site also has a search button. Provide tags on every article to make searches more efficient. A search button would also allow a user to look for a particular news article. That way she would not need to keep browsing through articles which is a hassle. Your news website should make searching efficient for the reader to save them more time.

    Provide a “subscribe to website” page. To keep your readers, ask them to subscribe to your news website for them to get fresh news delivered straight to their inboxes. The good thing about having this page is you are able to send special offers to your readers. If you want to monetize your news site, figure out a way to make a reader subscribe to your site.

    Last but not least, the tone or your articles should be conversational. Do your best to avoid trying to be too opinionated. It might annoy more readers (as many bloggers learned firsthand). Just try to be neutral. And one more important thing to remember: make sure the news are interesting enough to hook readers in.

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