Just like the kitchen, renovating your bathroom can be costly. When you consider the costs for the plumbing, tapware, tiling, basins and baths; the expenses seem to be piling up. Since there are many elements involved in bathroom renovation, it is crucial to take your time to budget and plan accordingly.

Here are the key five key improvements to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Placement of taps

You should give close consideration to which side you want to place your taps. Ensure that you have enough space to turn your shower on and off without getting wet, and at a height, you can reach with ease. It is advisable to avoid mixer taps in the bath or shower when you have young children since the taps are easy to play with and can potentially cause burns.

Increase storage

It is essential to have enough space for all your daily bathroom necessities. Adding a mirrored cabinet or vanity with drawers is one way to maximise storage. You can also add baskets for storing toilet roll or for the extra towels you keep for your guests, and recessed shelves to hold your hair shampoo and body wash. Adding good-quality towels, indoor plants, and artwork adds a warm decorative touch to your home bathroom.

Minimise the gaps from the walls

When you install your vanity, toilet or bath, avoiding having tiny gaps from the wall and the items. Such small spaces are impossible to clean. They tend to trap water and dust, which would only lead to problems down the line. Leave enough space to get your hand or arm in there.


Separate the dry & wet part

Having an all wet bathroom can be annoying and messy; separate the dry and wet areas as much as possible. For instance, try placing the shower and the bath away from the door to avoid getting the main traffic areas wet.

Different wall and floor tile styles

You can add a patterned tile on your floor to make it stand out and contrast it with simple tiles for your walls. The difference in the tiles creates a statement through combined simplicity and elegance. Ensure you don’t want to overdo or underdo it.


Prep is key when it comes to any bathroom remodeling project. Choosing the right contractor is also imperative! For any readers in the Florida area we recommend our Port St Lucie Bathroom Remodeling Solutions for all your home improvement needs!